About Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

The COD Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club, founded in 1994, is the premier club for all things sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming: movies, books, TV, CosPlay, anime, and all varieties of gaming (rpgs, ccgs, video/computer, tabletop/board, LARP, miniatures, etc.).

The club meets every first and third Tuesday of each month during the academic year (except during breaks) from 2:30 PM to about 4:00 PM in BIC 1630. During the week club members can usually be found in the Student Services Center Lounge, right across from the Student Life office.

For those who have missed any meetings and wish to see our shenanigans, the minutes can be found in the Meeting Minutes Archive.

During the Summer of 2008, the club officers reviewed the club constitution and found out that some of the club policies had to be changed to better match the constitution. The updated club policies can be found on the Policy Changes page. It is now 2013 and it was changed this year….but most people haven’t read it still.

The club has several other ongoing activities and sponsors the CosPlay Group. More information can be found on the Events Page.

COD Web Publishing Disclaimer

    • Sorry–don’t know if we responded to this message already–if not, our apologies for the delay. I’m sure we have members who’d be interested in play testing; what did you have in mind? Contact our advisor, Jim Allen, at allenj@cod.edu.

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