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Next Meeting: Nov. 6

The next meeting of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club will be on Tuesday, Nov. 6 from 3:00 – 6:00 PM in BIC 2465.  On the agenda:

I.) Welcome New Faces!

II.) Old Business:

A.) Conception 2018 (10/05 – 07)

B.) Food Truck Rally & 5K (10/13)

C.) Club-a-Poloosa (10/25)

D.) Halloween Game Day (10/30)

E.) Other?

III.) New Business:

A.) Role Play Game Day (11/08)

B.) November Movies to Sponsor

C.) Stuffed COWS Game Day

D.) Reports

1.) CosPlay Club

2.) Advisor


E.) Other?

IV.) News, Gossip, Rants, & Trailers

A.) Reviews:

1.) Venom

2.) Dr. Who

3.) Arowverse

4.) Nutcracker

5.) Others?

B.) News & Gossip

C.) Trailers?

D.) Other?

V.) After-Business Gaming



Reminder: No Meeting Next Week

Just a quick reminder—due to In-Service Day, there will NOT be a club meeting next Tuesday.  Our next official meeting will be on Tuesday, Nov. 6.  Before that, though, stop by our tables at the Chap-a-Paloosa event on Thursday, Oct. 26 in the SSC Atrium (outside Starbucks) from 11 AM – 1 PM and/or our Halloween GameDay on Tuesday, Oct. 30 from 2:30 – 7:30 PM in BIC 2465!

Halloween GameDay

Join us on Tuesday, Oct. 30 in BIC 2465 from 2:30 – 7:30 PM for some spooky fun, featuring a variety of horror-themed board, card, and video games!

Of course, we’ll have lots of treats as well! Feel free to bring a game as well, as well as a raffle for two movie passes to Cinemark Seven Bridges theater!

Meeting Minutes for Oct. 2

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes

Oct. 2, 2018


I.) Welcome New Faces!

A.) Sean – Moose Tracks

B.) Harvey – Mint Chocolate Chip

C.) Will – Chocolate

D.) Liam- Chocolate


II.) Old Business:

A.)  CAD Tickets: Tickets should be ordered at this point.

B.) Other?


III.) New Business:

A.) Venom Showtimes

1.) Thursday, 10/04: 6 PM- Cinemark Seven Bridges in Woodridge: Joel will be passing out tickets at 5:15pm

2.) Friday, 10/05: 5 PM- Cinemark Seven Bridges in Woodridge: Danielle and Torree will be passing out tickets at 4:15pm

B.)  Conception con (10/05 – 07, SRC 2000)

1.) RPG, Board Games, etc.

2.) $7.00 a ticket

C.)  Food Truck Rally & Sunset 5K (Sat., 10/13, 3 – 7 PM)

1.) Volunteers needed!

2.) Go online to register

a.) To register, go to

b.) Our Team Name is “COD Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club and CosPlay Group”

c.) The password is CODCON.

d.) The Club is paying for team registration (so this will cost you NOTHING, other than what you spend on food), please use password: SF2018

D.)  Chap-a-paloosa (Thurs., 10/26, 11 AM – 1 PM, SSC Atrium)

1.) Three tables in the corner

2.) Bring video and board/card games (ones we can play quickly)

E.)  Halloween GameDay (Tues.,10/30, 2 – 8 PM, BIC 2465)

1.) Bring/play Horror-themed games
2.) If you can/want to, bring in treats or candy to share

F.) Reports:

1.) CosPlay Group: Meeting tomorrow at 2:30pm

2.) Advisor: Club is invited to decorate whatever door we are assigned to decorate for COD Spirit Week.


a.) Looking at dice options

b.) Gathered names of cons, college clubs, and game/comic stores for marketing

G.) Any other business?


IV.) Gossip, Rants, And Other Stuff

A.) Movie Reviews?

B.) TV Shows to Watch this Fall?

C.) Trailers: Dark Phoenix, Spider-Verse, Daredevil, etc.

D.) Other News, comments, etc.?


V.) After-Business Gaming: Munchkin Crazy Cooks, Sentinels, Smash Bros., etc.


NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 (Halloween GameDay)