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Summer Laser Quest Outing

Time once again for our Summer Laser Quest event on Saturday, July 15 from 12:30 – 3:00 PM at the Downers Grove Laser Quest, located in the Finley Shopping Center on Butterfield Road (for directions, go here:

As usual, the cost is $20 a player, but if we get 20 or more players, the cost goes down to $15 a player! If we get 25 to 32, the cost is only $10! Non-members are welcome to participate, so bring a friend, sibling, or significant other! The club will also provide pizza and pop.

Please let me know if you’re attending by no later than Wednesday, July 12 so we know if we have enough players.


Meeting Minutes for June 6

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 6


I.) Any New Faces?

Matt (drawn in by Nostalgia Critic!)

II.) Previous Events:

A.) Wonder Woman: Unanimously loved by all who saw it. Will this spur Hollywood to make more female super-hero movies (or just better movies in general)?

B.) Other Movies/TV?

  1. Alien: Covenant: No one saw it
  2. Pirates: Decent, a bit scary. Is it really the last one, though?
  3. Other?
    1. Season Finales of Flash, Gotham, etc.
    2. Only a few more Dr. Who episodes with Capaldi—who will replace him? WHO knows?

C.) Anime Central (ACEN): Steve had a great time—got some great swag!

D.) Other Events?

III.) Upcoming Events:

     A.) July’s Sponsored Movie: Spider-Man: Homecoming

    1. Showtimes TBA (watch e-mail and Facebook)
    2. Will consider whether to sponsor Valerian at next meeting

B.) WolfCon 2017 (7/07 – 09):

    1. For details, go to
    2. Discount admission for club members!

C.) Anime Midwest (7/07-09)

D.) Laser Quest (7/15; 12:30 – 3:00 PM):

  1. RSVP by Wed., July 12.
  2. Open to members and non-members—the more folks we get, the cheaper it is for everyone!

E.) Ren Faire

1.) Tickets Available: Still about 10 tickets left! Get yours before they’re all gone!

2.) Outing on July 29: Details at next meeting

F.) Other Activities?

IV.) Other Stuff:

A.) CODCON XXIII: Possible Themes

  1. Cyber/Steam Punk
  2. Parallel/Alternate Dimensions

B.) Advisor’s Report

    1. Lost another Student Life Club Coordinator (Megan)—Not sure who’s replacing her
    2. CosPlay Group will meet this summer, once we secure a room
  1. Rants, Gossip, & Trailers
    1. Pokken Tournament DX for Switch
    2. Ultra Sun/Moon for 3DS

V.) After-Meeting Games: TBA

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, July 11, 3:00 – 4:30 PM, BIC 1429