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Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes for May 3, 2022

I) Any New Faces?  Naryan

II) Old Business:

A.) Open House (April 28): after a late start, it went well

B.) Support for Autismerica: Donated $50 toward new karaoke machine

III) New Business:

A) May Sponsored Movie: Dr. Strange II (Thurs., May 5, 7:35 PM, Cinemark Seven Bridges)

1) Claim Your Ticket!

2) Still a couple left; will be sold back on Thursday

B.) Officer Elections for 2022 – 2023 Academic Year

1) President: Colin

2) VP: Nick

3) Secretary: Danielle

4) Officer at Large: Ryan (RMT)

C.) June Sponsored Movie?

                1) Jurassic Park Dominion (June 10)

                2) Lightyear (June 10)

                3) Since both movies come out the same day, we may let members see either, if there’s enough demand

D) Summer Meetings: First Tuesday of the month

1) June 7th

2) July 5th

3) August 9th

E) Summer Activities

1) Laser X Laser Tag in June?

2) Renaissance Faire (late July/Early Aug.)?

F) News & Reviews

                1) Streets of new Capana–Magic the Gathering

                2) Ryan hates League of legends

                3) Obi-Wan Kenobi premieres May 27 (two episodes)

                4) Overwatch 2 beta

                5) Splatoon 3 in September

                6) DC CW shows are cancelled (Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow)

                7) Genshin impact delayed

                8) Moon Knight season 2 confirmed

                9) New 40K series

                10) Netflix has option for an ad-based version

                11) Armor Wars delay

                12) Jon Watts quits Fantastic 4

IV) After-Meeting Gaming: Magic and Video Games