Contact Us

Please send all club-related correspondence to our faculty advisor.

E-mails sent to him must contain “[Sci-Fi Club]” at the beginning of the Subject Line.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. James Allen
Office Phone Number: (630) 942-3421
E-mail Address:

About Doc:

He’s a Professor of English at COD, Club Advisor (since club formed in 1994), token authority figure, keeper of the Munchkin/SJG Library, and the guy who usually comes in first at Risk but last in Laser Tag.  He prefers Tom Baker and  David Tennant as Doctors  (though the others are still okay) and likes Star Trek just a bit more than Star Wars (especially TOS: Kirk over Picard!).  He also teaches a class on Science Fiction literature every Spring semester.  His office is BIC 2444A (look for the giant Gandalf outside his office!).
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