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Meetings Cancelled

Due to the college’s recent move to address the coronavirus outbreak, our meetings for March 17 and April 7 will be cancelled.  No word yet about our April 21 meeting; stay tuned!

(Obviously, this also means CODCON is cancelled for April 3 – 5.  We’re looking into whether we can reschedule the con for early this summer.  More details will come as we learn them.)


Next Meeting: March 17

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 17 from 3:00 – 4:30 PM in BIC 1437.  On the agenda:

I.) Any New Faces?

II.) Old Business:

A.) Open House (03/05)

B.) Onward Showings (03/05 & 06)

C.) Galloping Ghost Outing (03/07)

D.) Other?

III.) New Business:

A.) Ren Faire Tickets

B.) Smash Tourney on 03/19—4 – 8 PM

C.) Student Life Celebration (05/01)—Photos Needed

D.) Reports:

1.) CosPlay

2.) Advisor

D.) Other?


A.) Special Meeting on March 24

B.) Updates


D.) Other?

V.) Reviews & News

A.) Movie/TV/Game Reviews

B.) Upcoming News

VI.) After-Meeting Gaming

Club Meeting Minutes: March 3

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes

March 3, 2020

 I.) Any New Faces? None; hardly any old faces, either!

II.) Old Business:

A.) Smash Tourney (2/20)

1.) Tough, good players

2.) a change in time for smash to 4 to 8 PM on March 19

B.) Final Laser Quest (2/22)

1.) Only 11 players

2.) Follow the child, The kid was good,

3.) Another place–Laser X in Addison

4.) Will Laser Tag survive?  We will see.

C.) C2E2:

1.) Really good and very big and a lot to do.

2.) Gaby posted a video

III.) New Business:

A.) Open House (03/05, 5:30 – 8:00 PM, Outside Student Life Lounge)

B.) Sponsored March Movie: Onward

1.) Thursday Show: 03/05, 7 PM : no one interested–CANCELLED

2.) Friday Matinee: 03/06, 5:35 PM : only one person interested–CANCELLED

C.) Galloping Ghost Outing (03/07, 12 – 4 PM)

1.) Arrive at any time, but must be there between 12 – 4 to get half of the price.

2.) Classic games and very old great games.

D.) Reports:

1.) CosPlay: Working on Maid Cafe

2.) Advisor: Placed order for 50 Ren Faire tickets; Each full member $10; Non-member $15

E.) Other?


A.) Updates

1.) Video game Room: Joel is in charge—has lined up Icon guy.

2.) Food Guy still getting licensed

B.) Volunteers–STILL NEEDED!

1.) Get that day free if you work for 2 hours or more please.

2.) May need to recruit staff from other clubs (will pay them)

C.) Other

1.) Vendor hall nearly full

2.) Waiting on more events

V.) Reviews and Upcoming News

A.) Reviews

1.) Sonic is good and can’t wait for sequel.

2.) Clone Wars episode 2 is really great and made me cry a lot.

B.) Upcoming News

1.) Doom eternal coming soon

2.) Animal crossing–you can get killed now in the game.

3.) Star Wars the High Republic out

VI.) After-Meeting Gaming