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Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes

March 19, 2019


I.) Welcome New Faces!

  • Kelsey
  • Daniel

II.) Old Business:

A.) D&D Day (3/07): For those who went enjoyed it and we will be hosting another D&D day this Thursday (3/21/2019)

B.) Open House (3/07): Went well, surprisingly more parents were interested in our club and the CODCON flyers.

C.) Pixel Blast Outing (3/16): Warm and cramped. Galloping Ghost Arcade is the better choice. However, the air handball was really cool.

D.) Other?: N/A

III.) New Business:

A.) D&D Day (3/21, 2 – 6 PM, SSC 3245): In “the fishbowl” the room above Starbucks.

B.) April Movie(s) to Sponsor:

1.) Shazam (4/04 & 4/05)

2.) Avengers Endgame (4/25 & 4/26)

3.) Watch for e-mails and Facebook posts regarding showtimes

C.) Club Collaboration w/ LPE (4/10, Student Lounge,12 – 2 PM?): NBA 2k Tournament and Board Gaming

D.) Reports:

1.) CosPlay: Maid Café (?)

2.) Advisor: Rgistration for Summer Semester starts next week, Fall Registration after Spring Break

E.) Other?


A.) Questions about CODCON?



D.) Other Updates: Still trying to find a food vendor for CODCON

 V.) Other Business

A.) Reviews

1.) Captain Marvel: Better than people expected it to be.

2.) Others?: Devil May Cry 5

B.) News of Upcoming Stuff

1.) The Suicide Squad

2.) C2E2 this weekend

3.) DC Legends of Tomorrow coming in April

4.) TMNT vs. Batman Movie?

C.) Trailers

1.) Toy Story 4

2.) One Punch Man Season 2

VI.) After-Meeting Gaming: TBA


Next Meeting: March 19

Our next club meeting will be on Tuesday, March 19 in BIC 1437 from 3:00 – 6:00 PM.  On the agenda:

I.) Welcome New Faces!

II.) Old Business:

A.) D&D Day (3/07)

B.) Open House (3/07)

C.) Pixel Blast Outing (3/16)

D.) Other?

III.) New Business:

A.) D&D Day (3/21, 2 – 6 PM, SSC 3245)

B.) April Movie(s) to Sponsor

C.) Club Collaboration w/ LEAA (4/10)

D.) Reports:

1.) CosPlay

2.) Advisor

E.) Other?


A.) Questions about CODCON?


C.) Publicity!

D.) Other Updates

V.) Other Business

A.) Reviews

1.) Captain Marvel

2.) Others?

B.) News of Upcoming Stuff

C.) Trailers

VI.) After-Meeting Gaming: TBA



Meeting Minutes for March 5, 2019

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2019


I.) Welcome New Faces!

  • Christian – Student Life Fair
  • Sam – Advertisements

II.) Old Business: None

III.) New Business:

A.) Sponsored March Movie—Captain Marvel (3/07 & 3/08)

1.) 3/07–7:40 PM (arrive by 7 PM)

2.) 3/08–4:30 PM (arrive by 4 PM)

B.) COD Open House (3/07, 5:30 – 8:00 PM)

1.) Need 1 – 2 people to staff table

2.) Table located outside Student Life Lounge

C.) Pixel Blast Video Arcade Outing (3/16, 2 – 6 PM)

1.) Cost–$15 for the whole day

2.) Club will reimburse $8 for paid members, $5 for non-members

3.) Contact Doc by March 13 if going/needing a ride

D.) D&D Days (3/07, 3 – 7 PM and 3/21, 2 – 6 PM, SSC 3245)

1.) Need people to run one-shots

2.) Great opportunity to meet other players and form game groups

E.) Reports:

1.) CosPlay:

a.) Last week: Pattern examples, made some octopi

b.) This week: Prep for CodCon and pick design buttons

2.) Advisor: Next Friday is deadline for Fall Scholarships

F.) New Student Orientation Leaders Presentation

a.) You get $500 Scholarship

b.) Great chance to publicize club to new students!



  • Updates
    • Escape Room, sign-up online but will take walk-ins, Cost some extra
    • Lego Vendor Will Be Coming to CODCON
  • Volunteering
  • New sign-up sheets:
    1. Registration
    2. Merchandise
    3. Hospitality
  • Publicity: Tell people about CODCON (social media, flyers, etc.)

V.) News and Views:

A.) Movie/TV/Game Reviews?

  • How To Train Your Dragon 3
  • Dead or Alive 6
  • Anthem
  • Left Alive
  • Doom Patrol

B.) News of Upcoming Stuff?

  • Final Design for Sonic
  • Devil May Cry 5
  • C2E2—Coming up soon (3/22 – 24)
  • Critical Role Launch Date for Animated Short
  • Sekiro
  • New Transformers comics
  • Friday the 13th game coming to the Switch in the Spring
  • Sword and Shield (new Pokemon game)

C.) Trailers

  • Detective Pikachu
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield
  • Others

D.) Other?

VI.) Gaming: TBA