Meeting Minutes for July 11, 2017

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2017

 I.) Any New Faces?

Carlos: Looking into it

II.) Previous Events:

A.) Movies/TV:

1.)   Spider-Man: Homecoming–Awesome; Doc would have loved to have seen it; Lot of ticket complications, though!

2.)   Transformers: They’re still gonna make another one! Michael Bay lies!

3.)   Dr. Who season finale – Cliffhanger; sets up Capaldi’s finale in the Xmas episode

4.)   Castlevania: Heard it was good; more episodes to come

B.) WolfCon (7/07- 09):

1.) 76 attendees (up from last year

2.) Won’t be back next year due to SRC 2000 renovations

C.) Anime Midwest (7/07 – 09): Many Cosplay Group members were there

D.) Other Previous Events?

III.) Upcoming Events:

A.) Sponsored Movie for August: None (save it for later)

B.) Free show at COD: Back to the Future (7/13) MAC Pavillion, around 8 PM

C.) Laser Quest (7/15)

1.) Up to about 20 players!  The more people who sign up, the less each of us pays!

2.) Arrive by 12:30 at the Downers Grove Laser Quest in Finley Shopping Center

D) Ren Faire Outing (7/29)

1.) Get your tickets! Still have 12 to sell!

2.) Meet at COD at 8 am for Carpooling

E.) Harry Potter event in Aurora (7/30)

1.) Scavenger Hunt; Shopping Area; Costume parade;

2.) In Shopping Center; $3 (Goes to charity)

F.) Other Upcoming Events?

1.) Game of Thrones returns on Sunday, July 16!  Winter has come!

2.) Anything else?

IV.) Other Stuff:

A.)   Cosplay Group Report: See Anime Midwest

B.)   Advisor’s Report: Met new club liaison

C.)   Inter-Club Collaborations: 5th Tuesday use to let game development club to show off their new games; Get rid of the rivalry (that no one 100% understands)


1.) Theme! MULTIVERSE (Parallel Universe, Alternate Timelines, Different Realities, Different Dimensions)

2.) Still need a slogan.

E.) Gossip, Rants, and Trailers

1.) Game of Thrones Season 7

2.) Teen Wolf Season 6B

3.) Voltron Season 3

4.) Ghost Stories Funny Moments (apologies if anyone was offended)

V.) After-Meeting Games: Sentinels

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, August 1, BIC 1429, 3:00 – 4:30 PM

July Club Meeting: July 11

Our next club meeting will be on Tuesday, July 11 in BIC 1429 from 3:00 – 4:30 PM.  On the agenda:

I.) Any New Faces?

II.) Previous Events:

A.) Movies/TV:

1.) Spider-Man: Homecoming

2.) Transformers

3.) Dr. Who season finale

4.) Other Movies or TV?

B.) WolfCon (7/07- 09)

C.) Anime Midwest (7/07 – 09)

D.) Other Previous Events?

III.) Upcoming Events:

A.) Sponsored Movie for August?

B.) Free show at COD: Back to the Future (7/13)

C.) Laser Quest (7/15)

  1. D) Ren Faire Outing (7/29)

E.) Harry Potter event in Aurora (7/30)

F.) Other Upcoming Events?

IV.) Other Stuff:

A.) CosPlay Group Report

B.) Advisor’s Report

C.) Inter-Club Collaborations


E.) Gossip, Rants, and Trailers

V.) After-Meeting Games: TBA

Summer Laser Quest Outing

Time once again for our Summer Laser Quest event on Saturday, July 15 from 12:30 – 3:00 PM at the Downers Grove Laser Quest, located in the Finley Shopping Center on Butterfield Road (for directions, go here:

As usual, the cost is $20 a player, but if we get 20 or more players, the cost goes down to $15 a player! If we get 25 to 32, the cost is only $10! Non-members are welcome to participate, so bring a friend, sibling, or significant other! The club will also provide pizza and pop.

Please let me know if you’re attending by no later than Wednesday, July 12 so we know if we have enough players.

Meeting Minutes for June 6

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 6


I.) Any New Faces?

Matt (drawn in by Nostalgia Critic!)

II.) Previous Events:

A.) Wonder Woman: Unanimously loved by all who saw it. Will this spur Hollywood to make more female super-hero movies (or just better movies in general)?

B.) Other Movies/TV?

  1. Alien: Covenant: No one saw it
  2. Pirates: Decent, a bit scary. Is it really the last one, though?
  3. Other?
    1. Season Finales of Flash, Gotham, etc.
    2. Only a few more Dr. Who episodes with Capaldi—who will replace him? WHO knows?

C.) Anime Central (ACEN): Steve had a great time—got some great swag!

D.) Other Events?

III.) Upcoming Events:

     A.) July’s Sponsored Movie: Spider-Man: Homecoming

    1. Showtimes TBA (watch e-mail and Facebook)
    2. Will consider whether to sponsor Valerian at next meeting

B.) WolfCon 2017 (7/07 – 09):

    1. For details, go to
    2. Discount admission for club members!

C.) Anime Midwest (7/07-09)

D.) Laser Quest (7/15; 12:30 – 3:00 PM):

  1. RSVP by Wed., July 12.
  2. Open to members and non-members—the more folks we get, the cheaper it is for everyone!

E.) Ren Faire

1.) Tickets Available: Still about 10 tickets left! Get yours before they’re all gone!

2.) Outing on July 29: Details at next meeting

F.) Other Activities?

IV.) Other Stuff:

A.) CODCON XXIII: Possible Themes

  1. Cyber/Steam Punk
  2. Parallel/Alternate Dimensions

B.) Advisor’s Report

    1. Lost another Student Life Club Coordinator (Megan)—Not sure who’s replacing her
    2. CosPlay Group will meet this summer, once we secure a room
  1. Rants, Gossip, & Trailers
    1. Pokken Tournament DX for Switch
    2. Ultra Sun/Moon for 3DS

V.) After-Meeting Games: TBA

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, July 11, 3:00 – 4:30 PM, BIC 1429

Meeting Minutes for May 2

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes for May 2, 2017


I.) Previous Events:

     A.) Movies/TV?

           1.) Flash and SHIELD have been pretty good.

           2.) Supergirl is a mixed bag.

     B.) Games?

          1.) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

          2.) Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy


II.) Upcoming Events:

     A.) Guardians Vol. 2 Tickets: If you have yet to get one, there’s x left for Thursday 7:15 and x more for Friday 5:20

     B.) June Movie – Wonder Woman!  Movie times TBA—watch for e-mails/Facebook posts

     C.) Summer Meeting Dates/Times/Location

          1.) BIC ROOM 1636… Which will eventually become Room 1429

          2.) Time: 3:00 – 4:30 PM on Tuesdays: June 6, July 11, August 1. (The first Tuesday of each month… except for July 4th)

     D.) Summer Events

          1.) Laser Quest: July 15th

          2.) Renaissance Faire: The Club outing date is July 29th, (Fantasy Weekend) but tickets you get from us can be used whenever

     E.) Other Events:

          1.) ACEN: May 19th-21st (Finals weekend)

          2.) GEN CON: August 3rd/4th-6th

          3.) WolfCon 2017 (at COD): July 7th-9th

          4.) Anime Midwest: July 7th-9th (Billy West – the voice of Futurama – will be there)

          5.) ‘Harry Potter Weekend’: Aurora will be decorating the town and holding activities on July 30th


III.) Other Stuff:

     A.) CosPlay Report: Hosted an LED tutorial recently

     B.) Advisor’s Report          

          1.) Food Truck Rally: Check your email so that you can enter the coupon code in during registration and not have to pay anything!

          2.) CODCON XXIII Update: SRC 2000 Construction date moved to May 1st, 2018 – so we will still be able to use the ballroom!

          3.) Student Life Celebration & Awards: Snacks & Pizza!

     C.) 2017 – 2018 Officer Elections

          1.) President:   Brody Challinor

          2.) Veep:   Riley Ann Barnitz

          3.) Secretary:   Erin Gullotto

          4.) Officer-@-Large:   TJ Coolidge

          5.) Social Media Director:   Joel Bahena

          6.) Scapegoat:   Jess Taylor






Last Meeting of the Semester: May 2

We come to our final meeting of the academic year—Tuesday, May 2 from 3:00 – 4:30 PM in BIC 1630. On the agenda:


I.) Any New Faces?


II.) Previous Events:

A.) Movies/TV?

B.) Games?

C.) Other?


III.) Upcoming Events:

A.) Guardians 2

B.) June Movies?

C.) Summer Meeting Dates/Times/Location

D.) Summer Events

1.) Laser Quest

2.) Renaissance Faire

E.) Other Events:

1.) ACEN


3.) WolfCon 2017 (at COD)

4.) Other?


IV.) Other Stuff:

A.) CosPlay Report

B.) Advisor’s Report

1.) Food Truck Rally

2.) CODCON XIII Update

3.) Student Life Celebration & Awards

C.) 2017 – 2018 Officer Elections

D.) Rants, Gossip, & Trailers



Meeting Minutes for April 18

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes: April 18, 2017


I.) Any New Faces?

The only new face is our sad face, since no new members have attended today. : (


II.) Previous Events:

A.) Movies/TV:

          1.) Your Name: ?

          2.) Dr. Who returns!: Good but still Moffat. LGBT+ companion is nice.

          3.) Other: Agents of SHIELD = Amazing, but SPOILERY as all hell

B.) CODCON XXII “Post Mortem”

          1.) How we did

a.) Spend $1,300 less + make $1,000 less = NET GAIN OF $300 MORE THAN LAST YEAR

b.) Attendance: Broke another record—over 450 guests, GMs, Vendors, Artists, & Staff

          2.) Ideas for CODCON XXIII

a.) More Maid Cafe hours?

b.) Better luck next time… literally (illnesses, accidents, etc.)?

c.) CCG tournaments?

d.) Escape room?

e.) More time and effort dedicated to Smash tournament?

f.) Better organization of VG room events? (ScreenCheat?)

g.) Cheaper/better food vendor? Food trucks?

h.) Rethink/re-strategize the Hospitality role

C.) Other?


III.) Upcoming Events:

      A.) Guardians of the Galaxy 2: TELL DOC ASAP IF YOU WANT TICKETS!

1.) Thursday, May 4: 8:35 PM

2.) Friday, May 5: 5:20 PM

     B.) Bristol Ren Faire Tickets—NOW ON SALE! CONTACT DOC!

1.) $10 for Club Members, $15 for non-members

2.) Good for the entire season!

3.) The club will sponsor a Ren Faire Outing, probably in late July (details TBA)

     C.) Nominations for 2017 – 2018 Club Officers

1.) Current Nominations:

a.) President: Brody / Riley / ?

b.) Veep: TJ / ?

c.) Secretary: ? / Brody, if he doesnt win President

d.) Officer @ Large: TJ / Danielle / ?

e.) Social Media: Joel / ?

2.) Nominations remain open until Wednesday, April 26.

3.) Absentee Voting runs April 27 – May 1 (only full members can vote absentee)

     D.) Other?


2.) Summer meetings will be in BIC 1429 (currently BIC 1636); watch for further details

IV.) Other Stuff:

A.) Brody’s Birthday! (22 !)

B.) CosPlay Group report: None

C.) Advisor’s Report: Volunteered the club to be “Sweepers” at the Food Truck Rally & 5K Run in late September. May be abler to register soon.

D.) Rants, Gossip, and Trailers: Many Honest trailers, but no rants…

V.) After-Meeting Games: Sentinels of the Multiverse, & others…


Next Meeting: April 20

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 18 from 3:00 – 4:30 in BIC 1620.  On the agenda:

I.) Any New Faces?

 II.) Previous Events:

     A.) Movies/TV:

          1.) Your Name

          2.) Dr. Who returns!

          3.) Other

     B.) CODCON XXII “Post Mortem”

          1.) How we did

          2.) Ideas for CODCON XXIII

     C.) Other?


III.) Upcoming Events:

     A.) Guardians of the Galaxy 2

     B.) Bristol Ren Faire Tickets

     C.) Nominations for 2017 – 2018 Club Officers

     D.) Other?

 IV.) Other Stuff:

     A.) CosPlay Group report

     B.) Advisor’s Report

     C.) Rants, Gossip, and Trailers

 V.) After-Meeting Games: Munchkin X-Men or Moop’s Monster Mashup, others…


Meeting Minutes for April 4

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes: April 4

I.) New Faces?


II.) Previous Events:

A.) Movies/TV

1.) Power Rangers: It. Was. Beautiful. Surprisingly good. The one thing in the thing.

2.) Life: Terrible adaptation of the board game. “I thought I was going to cry.”  Life sucks. Life is not a thing.

3.) Ghost in the Shell: IT. SUCKED. **cough** WHITEWASHING **CoUGH** (but if you hadn’t seen the original, it wasn’t bad!)

4.) Other

a.) FLASH MUSICAL: Most beautiful thing Riley has ever seen besides Power Rangers

b.) Rick and Morty Returns! c.) Star Wars Rebels season 3 finale(and Rogue One out on DVD today!)

B.) Other Stuff?

1.) Switch – Looks tasty.

2.) Breath of the wild


A.) Review Volunteer Roles: All volunteer spots are filled! (But inquire if you’re still interested in helping out!)

B.) Set-Up & Tear Down: Please show up to set up at 3 PM on Friday and tear down on Sunday at 3!


D.) Could still use some events for the Video Game Room!

IV.) Other Stuff

A.) CosPlay Report

B.) Advisor’s Report:

1.) COD Cares Spring Day of Action, April 11—FUR & FEATHERS!

2.) Time to buy Guardians 2 tickets?

a.) Thursday (5/04) show: 8:35 PM

b.) Friday (5/05) show: 5:20 PM

3.) Second Possible Sponsored Movie: King Arthur

C.) Rants, Gossip, and Trailers

V.) After-Meeting Games: TBA


Next Meeting: April 4


 Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 4 from 3:00 – 4:30 PM in BIC 1630.  On the agenda:

I.) New Faces?

II.) Previous Events:

     A.) Movies/TV

          1.) Power Rangers

          2.) Life

          3.) Ghost in the Shell

          4.) Other

     B.) Other Stuff?


     A.) Review Volunteer Roles

     B.) Set-Up & Tear Down

     C.) Publicity

     D.) Other Details

IV.) Other Stuff

     A.) CosPlay Report

     B.) Advisor’s Report

     C.) Rants, Gossip, and Trailers

 V.) After-Meeting Games: TBA