Meeting Minutes for March 15

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes for March 15, 2022

I.) New Faces: Logan (Welcome!)

II.) Old Business?

A.) The Batman

1.) Steve has a lot of mixed feelings

2.) Everyone has their own opinion on whoever the best Batman is (not Clooney!)

3.) Very dark!

4.) Really solid movie

B.) Other?

III.) New Business:

A.) April Sponsored Movie:  Morbius (March 31; watch Discord/e-mail for details on showtime)


1.) Updates

a.) Pizza Vendor almost set!

b.) DePaul E-Sports will be running Smash Tourneys

c.) Guests won’t need to wear masks

2.) Publicity: Still need to get the word out!

a.) Flyers (get them from outside Doc’s office and take them to game stores!)

b.) Use Social Media!

3.) VOLUNTEERS STILL NEEDED!!! Go to Discord to access sign-up sheets (under “Codcon” channel)

C.) Brief News & Reviews

                1.) Persona 4 fighting game rerelease

                2.) Several DC movies have been delayed (Flash, Aquaman, etc.)

                3.) Kenobi trailer dropped; comes out on May 25

                4.) Monster Hunter Rise

                5.) Advanced Wars delayed

IV.) Kahoot Trivia Contest!

V.) After-Business Gaming


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