Monthly Archives: January 2018

First Meeting of 2018!

Our first meeting of 2018 will be on Tuesday, Feb. 6 from 3:00 – 4:30 PM in BIC 1437.  On the agenda:


I.) Welcome New Faces!


II.) Old Business:

A.) Laser Quest (1/13)

B.) Spring Activities Fair (1/24)

C.) Polar Vortex (1/26 – 1/28)

D.) Random Game Day (1/30)


III.) New Business:

A.) February Sponsored Movie

B.) Outings for Spring Semester?

C.) Reports

1.) CosPlay Group

2.) Advisor



A.) Pre-Registration

B.) Events

C.) Merchandise

D.) Publicity


V.) Random Rants, Reviews, and Gossip:

A.) Movies/TV

1.) The Last Jedi

2.) Others?

3.) Dr. Who Christmas Special

4.) CW-Verse

5.) What Should We be Watching?

B.) Gaming

C.) Other Stuff


VI.) After-Business Gaming: Munchkin, Sentinels, etc.