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Next Meeting: Nov. 2

Our next club meeting will be on Tuesday, Nov. 2 from 3 – 6 PM in BIC 1429.  On the agenda:

I.) Any New Faces?

II.) Old Business:

  1. Reviews of Dune (NO SPOILERS!)
  2. Anime & CosPlay Club Halloween Party
  3. Other?

III.) New Business:

A.) Eternals Shows

1.) Thursday, Nov. 4: 7:30 PM (arrive no later than 7:15)

2.) Friday, 4:15 PM (arrive no later than 4 PM)

B.) Smashing Hunger Video Game Event: Tuesday, Nov. 30, SSC 3245, 2 – 6 PM

1.) Volunteers needed

2.) Games to run?

C.) CODCON Updates

D.) Advisor’s Report

E.) Other Business?

III.) News & Reviews

IV.) After-Meeting Gaming (and leftover Halloween candy!)


Meeting Minutes for Oct. 19

I.) Any New Faces?  Nope

II.) Old Business (if any): Nope

III.) New Business

A.) Dune Sponsored Shows

1.) Thursday has enough people for 7:30–be there by 7:15 (Dani will have tickets)

2.) Friday only has one person so far–Cancelled

B.) Possible Sponsored Movies for November

1.) Eternals (Nov. 5)—WINNER. 

a.) Thursday, Nov. 4: 7:30 PM

b.) Friday, Nov. 5: 4:15 or 5:10 PM

2.) Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Nov. 18)


                1.) Dates: April 8th -10th

                2.) Can’t use ballroom and have to keep crowds under 75.  A challenge!

D.) Video Game Tourney on Nov. 30?

                1.) Doc will check on availability of Fishbowl

                2.) We’ll need volunteers to contribute equipment (sign up on Nov. 2)

E.) Other Business?


IV.) News and Review

A.) Movies/TV/Comics

1.) No Time to Die- last Bond film with Daniel Craig.  Pretty good, though long

2.) Squid Game- Critique of capitalism (high body count)

3.) What If…?- one guy said it was terrible

4.) She-Hulk is getting her own show in 2022

B.) Gaming

1.) Sora in Smash

2.) Scott Pilgrim Video Game Remaster

3.) Final Fantasy XIV Online

V.) After-Meeting Gaming

A.) Video Gaming: Mario game for PS II, etc.

B.) Board/Card Games: Munchkin Zombies

Next Meeting: Oct. 19

Our next Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club Meeting will be on Tuesday, Oct. 19 from 3 – 6 PM in BIC 1429. On the agenda:

I.) Any New Faces?

II.) Old Business (if any)

III.) New Business

A.) Dune Sponsored Shows

B.) Possible Sponsored Movies for November

1.) Eternals (Nov. 5)

2.) Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Nov. 19)


D.) Video Game Tourney on Nov. 30?

E.) Other Business?

IV.) News and Reviews

A.) Movies/TV/Comics

B.) Gaming

V.) After-Meeting Gaming

A.) Video Gaming: Bring consoles, controllers, and games!

B.) Board/Card Games: TBA

Meeting Minutes for Oct. 5

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes for Oct. 5

I.) Welcome, New Faces!

Kiki from the discord

James from looking for clubs

II.) Old Business:

  1. Venom II Review (NO SPOILERS!)
  1. Better than Venom I
  2. Angry—felt rushed, not developed
  3. Woody Harrelson was great!
  4. Enjoyed it all
  5. D&D Day (9/29)
  1. Twice the amount of people so cut into two groups
  2. October 12th In-service day, so maybe get student life to open doors

III.) New Business:

  1. Dune Showtimes
  1. Thursday 10/21: 7:30pm
  2. Friday 10/22: 4:35pm
  3. Contact Doc by Oct 19 with your showtime choice
  4. CODCON Status?
  1. COD has taken SRC 2000 for COVID testing
  2. Doc meeting with admin to find solutions; more at next club meeting
  3. Officer at Large Election:
  1. A record number of enthusiastic candidates!
  2. Congrats, Colin Rook!

D.) Other?

IV.) News & Reviews

  1. What TV Show should we be watching, and why?
    1. Red Dwarf,
    2. Squid Games,
    3. Duck Tales,
    4. Devil May Cry,
    5. Invincible,
    6. Umbrella Academy,
    7. Star vs the forces of Evil,
    8. Star Wars Visions,
    9. Game of Thrones prequel, 
    10. Firefly,
    11. Power Rangers Netflix edition,
    12. Samuri Senti Shinkenger/Power Rangers Samurai,
    13. Mandalorian
  2. What Book or Comic should we be reading, and why?
    1. Radiant Black,
    2. Watchmen,
    3. Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy,
    4. Komi can’t communicate, 
    5. Horangs Nightmare-webtoon,
    6. Danger Days,
    7. X-men misfits,
    8. Thrawn trilogy,
    9. UltraMan Marvel reboot comic, 
    10. Star Wars Deathtrooper legends,
    11. Dune
  3. What Game should we be playing, and why?
    1. Club Penguin rewritten,
    2. toontown corporate clash,
    3. Hotline Miami,
    4. BioShock,
    5. Delta Rune,
    6. CAH,
    7. Metroid Dread,
    8. Final Fantasy 9,
    9. Omori,
    10. Balder’s Gate,
    11. Knights of the Old Republic,
    12. Resident Evil 4 on VR,
    13. Scott Pilgrim complete edition, 
    14. Call of Duty Ghost,
    15. Charlie Murder,
    16. Halo infinite,
    17. Halo Wars 2.
    18. Valhiem ,
    19. New World,
    20. Jackbox,
    21. Back 4 Blood,
    22. Nickeloden all-star brawl

V.) After Meeting Gaming

A.) Munchkin—Star Munchkin and Marvel Munchkin

B.) Video Game—bring your console/system & games—TV provided