Meeting Minutes for April 19, 2022

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes for April 19, 2022

I.) Welcome New Faces!



II.) Old Business

A.) Non-Spoiler TV/Movie Reviews

1) Sonic II: Great; More references to video game

2) Fantastic Beasts III: Alright as a sequel (expect a FB IV)

3) Dr. Who Easter Special: Decent, but low ratings

B.) CODCON: Post-Mortem

1) Attendance and profits less than in 2019, but not by a lot

2) Many liked having everything in one place; need to tweak set-ups

3) Needed more events and better publicity

4) Need to staff with club members only (current and alumni)

5) PayPal/Venmo site a bust; most likely missed payments; NEED CARD READER!

III.) New Business:

A.) May Sponsored Movie: Dr. Strange II (Thurs., May 5, 7:35 PM, Cinemark Seven Bridges): Contact doc at to request a ticket (only 18 available!)

B.) Officer Nominations

                1) President: Colin or John R.

                2) VP: Nick

                3) Sec: Danielle

                4) Officer at Large: Ryan

C.) News and Reviews

                1) Xenoblade Chronicles 3

                2) Thor: Love and Thunder trailer out now (comes out July 10)

                3) New 40K stuff released

D.) D&D Days: Shift to every Monday from 2 – 6 PM, starting Fall semester (will need to check room availability)

IV.) After-Business Gaming: Munchkin and Magic


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