Meeting Minutes from Sept. 15

Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes for Sept. 15*


I.) Welcome New Faces!


II.) Previous Events:

A.) Student Life Fair: Went well—lots of names (some folks even attended today’s meeting!)

B.) Club Training: Done; nothing much to add

C.) Movies, TV, Games, etc?


III.) Upcoming Events:

A.) COD Open House (Wed., 9/16, 6:30 – 8:30 PM): Need 1 – 2 folks to staff the table (Alyssa & Lisa volunteered)

B.) Dr. Who in Theaters in 3D (9/16): See it if you wish

C.) Laps for the Chaps (9/26): Still accepting folks to be part of the team! We get to be last!

D.) Conception Gaming Convention (10/02 – 04): REALLY need folks to help out with set-up and tear down. Those who help not only get into the con for free, they get an additional paid movie for the semester!

E.) TV Series Returns/Premieres: Gotham, The Flash, Dr. Who, Supergirl, Jessica Jones, etc.

F.) Sponsored Movie for October: The Martian (Oct. ½): watch for announcement of show times at Cinemark Seven Bridges

G.) Other Activities:

1.) Game Day (9/29): Bring a game to play or just come to play a game!

2.) Adventure Realm (MagicQuest, Laser Tag, etc.): Will look for an October date on a Saturday to do MagicQuest (and maybe Laser Tag and Arcade stuff)


IV.) Other Business:

A.) CosPlay Group Report: Now meeting every Wednesday from 2:30 – 4:00 PM in BIC 2818

B.) Inter-Club Outreach

1.) Psych of Gaming Presentation: Scheduled for Wed., Nov. 4 from 2:30 – 4:00 PM. Officers from each club will meet next week to hammer out details

2.) Other Opportunities?

a.) Work with Environmental Club on a service project?

b.) invite folks from the Astronomy Club to join us to see The Martian

C.) Advisor’s Report: Please get on ChapLife!

D.) Random News, Gossip, Rants, etc.


V.) After-Meeting Games: Munchkin and whatever other folks bring!


*Original minutes lost due to computer snafu; most of what happened is reconstructed as best as we could!


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