Meeting Minutes for Dec. 1

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club
Meeting Minutes
December 1, 2015

I.) New Faces?
Emiko – Introduced to us via Shannon

II.) Previous Events:
A.) Movies/TV
1.) Hunger Games—Mockingjay, pt. II (11/20): Ending stretched out a bit, it followed the book.
2.) Victor Frankenstein (11/25): Supposedly sloppy, but it never came to Cinemark, so we never went to see it.
3.) Others?
a.) Jessica Jones came out and continues the tradition of AMAZING-yet-VERY-dark Marvel Netflix content
b.) Legends of Tomorrow 2nd Trailer!
c.) Galavant will return in January on ABC.
B.) Big Buddies/Little Buddies (11/21): Canceled due to snow. Reschedule it for the spring
C.) Stuffed COWS/Wolfcon (1/27 – 29)
1.) Stuffed COWS? Great. Wolfcon? Not so much (their numbers took a hit by moving out here). They won’t run concurrently again.
2.) Draxtar Magic Tourney only drew 4 players, but all players who came said they heard about it from us. Enough to hopefully get a Pro-Qualifier for CODCON.
D.) Chicago TARDIS (11/27 – 29): Unorganized, but fun?

III.) Upcoming Events:
A.) Star Wars (Dec. 17/18):
1.) Thursday Showtime: 7:40pm – ideal meetup time is probably around 7pm, unless you’re eating there beforehand
2.) Friday Showtime: 5:40pm – ideal meetup time is probably around 5pm, unless you’re eating there beforehand
3.) Watch your email for updates regarding pre-movie meal meetups
B.) Winter Laser Quest (Jan. 16): The larger the attendance, (up to 30 ppl) the lower the individual cost
C.) Jan/Feb Movies:
1.) January is dead, but February has two soon-to-be Valentine’s classics: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, (2/5) and Deadpool (2/12)!
2.) Preliminary round of votes goes to us solely funding Deadpool; will double-check at a later meeting
D.) Holiday Party (w/ CosPlay Group) (Dec. 16, 2:30 – 4:00 PM, BIC 2818): They’ve said that help with organizing it is always appreciated
E.) Other Stuff?
1.) Midwest FurryCon (12/04 – 06)
2.) Con-Alt-Delete (12/18 – 20)

IV.) Other Business:
A.) Nominations for Social Media Director position
1.) Olivia – Has FaceBook, Twitter, … just about everything
2.) If anyone else wants to run for this position, contact Doc by Dec. 8
B.) CosPlay Group Report: Last meeting had low attendance
C.) Advisor’s Report: Register for Doc’s Sci-Fi Literature Class–ENGLI 1156!
D.) Inter-Club Efforts/Activities: Preliminary talks with the Jewelry-Making Club
1.) We’re selling dice and dice bags!
3.) … with a side of ‘Volunteering, volunteering, volunteering!’
F.) News/Gossip/Rants/Etc.
1.) Cancelled Kingdom Hearts Cartoon
2.) Cancelled 1st-Person Avengers Game

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2:30 – 4:00 PM, BIC 1630


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