Meeting Minutes for Jan. 26

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club Meeting Minutes
January 26, 2016

I.) Any New Faces?
Joshua/John – found via FaceBook (Friend of Chris)
Fabiola – came via friend

II.) Previous Events:
A.) Movies:
1.) Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Generally… Awesome!
2.) The Good Dinosaur: Sentimental but good
3.) Others?
B.) TV
1.) Dr. Who Christmas Special: Good. River Song, yay!
2.) The Shannara Chronicles
3.) Galavant: Funny…it’s still Galavant. 🙂
4.) Legends of Tomorrow (First half of pilot): Doctor Who meets CW DC shows – we like it!
5.) Agent Carter, season 2: Fantastic!
6.) The X-Files: Liked it.
7.) The Magicians: No verdict yet
8.) Lucifer: Liked it.
9.) Others?
C.) Winter Laser Quest: Fun times! 15-16 people!
D.) Con + Alt + Delete – Fliers were handed out; over 1,000 attended!
E.) Petition to Name Element 117 Octarine (Oc, or ‘ook’) in honor of Terry Pratchett’s death. Has almost 50,000 signatures, & would fit w/ the ‘-ine’ halogen name scheme. Go to

III.) Upcoming Events
A.) Spring Activities Faire (Wed., Feb. 3, 10am – 1pm; setup @ 9am): Need volunteers! Contact Doc if you can help!
B.) February Movies:
1.) Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (Feb. 4/5)
2.) Deadpool (Feb. 11/12)
C.) Other Events?

IV.) Other Stuff
A.) CosPlay Group Report: Meetings start next Wednesday (2/03)
B.) Advisor’s Report: Please register in ChapLife.
C.) Inter-club Activities: We want to work with English Dept’s celebration of Shakespeare’s life/death, among other things (4/18 – 22).
D.) CODCON: Ten Weeks to Go!
1.) Merchandise: Dice ($1 per) are HERE – and demo dice bags are on the way!
2.) PUBLICITY!: I M P O R T A N T ! ! ! Spread the word, especially through social media
3.) Events: Staffing Volunteering & Event Registration N E E D E D!
E.) Trailers: Suicide Squad, 20th Aniv. Pokemon Super Bowl Ad, More?

V.) After-Meeting Games: Munchkin: Loot Letter / Sentinels of the Multiverse / Werewolf

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2:30 – 4:00 PM, BIC 1630


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