Meeting Minutes for Feb. 16

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club
Meeting Minutes
Feb. 16, 2016

I.) Any New Faces?
• Frank – Shannon recruited!
• Tanya – Alyssa recruited!
• Karl – Doc recruited, via class!
• Rob – Recuited during Activity Faire!

II.) Previous Events:
A.) Movies
1.) Pride, Prejudice, & Zombies.
a.) More gore than Deadpool.
b.) Enhanced by having understanding of the source material.
c.) Great lost episode of 11th Doctor Who!
2.) Deadpool: AWESOME! (Apparently Stephen Lang wants to play Cable in the sequel)
B.) TV, Games, etc.
1.) Gravity Falls Finale
2.) Street Fighter V
3.) Walking Dead started up again
4.) Flash meets Earth-2! Glimpses of Supergirl crossover, Jonah Hex, and more!
5.) 112263 – Stephen King time-travel Hulu series
C.) Activity Fair: It worked, even if traffic was slow.
D.) Other Past Events?: DareDevil Season 2 Trailer!

III.) Upcoming Events:
A.) Feb. Movies: Gods of Egypt (2/26) – NOT SPONSORED.
B.) March Movie: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (3/25) – SPONSORED
C.) Little Buddies Game Day – Saturday, March 12, 10 AM – 2 PM, Student Lounge
1.) Brody – Will bring Sentinels of the Multiverse & Munchkin: Loot Letter
2.) Lisa will bring Munchkin
3.) Could still use more games (especially video games)
D.) Other Events?

A.) Events: Still need ‘em! Register yours SOON!
B.) Publicity: It’s all up to you—GET THE WORD OUT BY ANY MEANS!!!
C.) Merchandise: Still refining the dice bag design
D.) Volunteers Needed!: Please sign up!

V.) Other Stuff:
A.) CosPlay Group Report: New leadership needed at end of this semester
B.) Advisor’s Report: Volunteer Opportunity at North Central C this weekend (contact Doc for details)
C.) Inter-Club Activities
1.) Shakespeare + Klingon & Shakespeare + Star Wars for multi-club event
2.) Pulsera Bracelet Sales: Start next week
D.) Gossip, Rants, and Trailers

VI.) After-Meeting Games: Werewolf and Star Munchkin

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, March 1, 2:30 – 4:00 PM, BIC 1630


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