Meeting Minutes: May 3

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes for May 3, 2016


I.) Any New Faces?

   +   Jessica Marchetti – Friend of Shannon’s

   +   Mike Williams – Also friend of Shannon’s

II.) Previous Events:

A.) Movies/TV:

1.) Huntsman: Winter’s War: Prequel + Sequel = WHAAAAAAT?!

2.) Ratchet & Clank: …Meh?

3.) Season finales: Supergirl?

B.) Other Stuff?

1.) New Games? Gears of War Beta / StarFox Zero / Avalon 4

2.) New Companion announced for Dr. Who!  Pearl

3.) Other

a.) Director of DC’s upcoming Flash movie left.

b.) RDJ is signed on to the upcoming Spidey film

c.) They teased [metal-clawed] Wolverine for X-Men Apocalypse… but not necessarily Hugh Jackman?

III.) Upcoming Events:

A.) Movies:

1.) Captain America: Civil War:

a.) Tickets for Thursday show: 7:50 (arrive NO LATER THAN 7:00 PM!) See Brody for tickets.

b.) Friday show: 6:35 PM (arrive NO LATER THAN 6:00 PM).  See Doc for tickets. 


2.) X-Men: Apocalypse: Show times to be announced via e-mail and Facebook—stay tuned!

B.) Upcoming Summer Events:

1.) Laser Quest – Best Options: Saturday, June 25 or Saturday, July 9? Leaning toward June 25.

(If we get 20 ppl, it’s $20 per; we get 30 ppl, it’s $10 per. Also, attendees don’t need to be members!)

2.) Ren-Faire – Best Options July 30th or Aug. 13?  Leaning toward July 30.

 (Tickets are paid for by CoDcon profits)

3.) Gen Con? Sandra. Tickets were crazy hard to get.

4.) ACEN (5/20) Shannon and her crew are going in costume. Yay!

IV.) Other Stuff:

A.) CosPlay Report: Claire’s leaving… Farewell, and good luck to her, and to the club in her absence!

B.) Advisor’s Report: Mardi Roebuck-Knight, Our Champion from the kingdom of Student Life, is retiring this year. Let us honor her by sharing our hard-won goodies-cart!

C.) Inter-Club Outreach: Note from the Desk of the Son of the King:   Keep it up!

D.) Special Guest – Rep. from Downer’s Sand Bar (Nearby Laser Tag): They have Wednesday board game nights and need GMs; if interested, check the flier contact Doc

E.) Outgoing Officers: Farewell, Chris and Sandra—great jobs by both of you!

F.) Officer Elections for 2016 – 2017:

                   President         –         A l y s s a   S m i t h

                   Vice Pres         –         S h a n n o n   R y a n

                   Secretary         –         B r o d y   C h a l l i n o r

                   Officer-@-Large   –   J o e l   B a h e n a

                   Social Media Director  – J e s s   T a y l o r

G.) Summer Meetings: First Wednesdays of the month (June 1, July 6, Aug. 3)

H.) Rants, Gossip, and Trailers: X-Men Apocalypse final trailer!

V.) After-Meeting Games: Werewolf  (With a big Werewolf Cut-Out!)

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, June 1, 2:30 – 4:00 PM, BIC 1630




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