July 6 Meeting Minutes

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes

July 6, 2016


I.) Any New Faces?

         +   Phillip – Saw Club fliers

         +   Danielle – Jess’s sister…? Followed her

         +   Austin – Succumbed to Doc’s pressure

         >   Bruce   –  WolfCon

         >   Ross    –   WolfCon


II.) Previous Events

     A.) Movies

          1.) Warcraft: Ok. Technically the best-selling VG-adaptation of all time… because China.

          2.) Independence Day: Resurgence: Meh? 

          3.) The BFG: No one here has seen it yet.

     B.) TV

          1.) Game of Thrones Finale: People died.

          2.) Nothing else

     C.) Laser Quest: Tom M. kicked everyone’s butt (as per usual); still, fun was had by all.


III.) Upcoming Events:

     A.) Sponsored July MovieGhostbusters

          1.) Thursday, 7/14 @ 8:00 PM—arrive by no later than 7:30 PM

          2.) Friday, 7/15 @ 5:25 PM; arrive no later than 5:15 PM

          3.) Other July Movies to consider:

               a.) Batman: The Killing Joke: Mon., 7/25, 7:30 PM

               b.) Star Wars: The Force Awakens: 7/28, 8 PM, COD—FREE SHOW

     B.) Sponsored August MovieSuicide Squad

          1.) Thursday, 8/04 @ TBA

          2.) Friday, 8/05, TBA

     C.) WolfCon 2016 (7/15 & 7/16, 8am-11pm)

          1.) If anyone can help out, please show up at 8 AM on Friday

          2.) Admission: only $5 for club members

          3.) They’re still accepting events if you want to run something

          4.) For details, go to http://www.wolfcon.org

     D.) Ren Faire July 30

          1.) Meet at COD (by Starbucks) @ 8:00 AM for carpooling

          2.) Date is subject to change based on weather

          3.) Make sure to bring cash unless you like ATM charges!

          4.) If you’ve still not paid for your tickets, you need to do so by Thursday, July 14!

     E.) Pokemon Go releases any time now!


IV.) Other Stuff

     A.) Officer Changes:

          1.) Vice President Vacancy—decided in Fall

          2.) Jess is now Officer at Large, Joel is Social Media Director

     B.) Advisor’s Report

          1.) Changes coming to Student Life personnel (Farewell, Mardi!)

          2.) New college president is officially sworn in; shouldn’t affect us much (seems supportive of clubs)

     C.) CODCON XXII – Theme: Time Travel (Graphics needed)

     D.) Gossip, Rants, & Trailers!

          1.) Zelda: Breath of the Wild Trailer

          2.) The Pope owns a copy of Undertale!?


V.) After-Meeting Game: Marvel Munchkin


NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, August 3, 2:30 – 4:00 PM, in BIC 1630.


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