Meeting Minutes for Sept. 6

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes

Sept. 6, 2016


I.) Welcomes and Introductions!

Andres – Brought by: Joel

Nick – Brought by: General interest

Louie – Brought by: Cookies

Victoria – Brought by: Cosplay Club

Mara – Brought by: General interest

Sam – Brought by: General interest

Jimmy – Brought by: General interest

Adam – Brought by: General interest

Erin G. – Brought by: Fantasy/Video games

Cristina – Brought by: Returning

Riley – Brought by: General interest

Matt – ‘Dragged’ by: Riley

AJ – Brought by: Word of ‘fun stuff’

Richard – Brought by: Ariana

Ariana – Brought by: Treats and gen. interest

Vanessa – Brought by: Alyssa

Josh – Brought by: Reason to skip class

Jacob – Brought by: Gaming

Matthew Sherlock – Brought by: Desire for a community of similar weirdos

Irvin – Brought by: President of Astronomy Club, (semi-returning)

Karen – Brought by: Jess

Heidi – Brought by Jess/Joel

Erin F. – Brought by: Word of mouth

Claudio – Brought by: General interest…?


II.) Previous Activities:

A.) Movies:

1.) Suicide Squid:  Good setup for Harley solo movie… not

2.) Pete’s Dragon:  Oh dear lord, my heartstrings are still bruised.

3.) Kubo & the Two Strings: Far better than Suicide Squid.

4.) Star Trek Beyond: Amazing; better than the other two

B.) Random Game Day (Aug. 30): Fun – 10 out of 10!. Would do again. Better than Suicide Squid.

C.) Activity Fair (Aug. 31):  Rousing success. The Force Awakened a large attendance.


III.) Upcoming Activities:

A.) Sponsored Movies:

1.) No September movies, and no October ones either.

2.) Look for multiple sponsored films in Nov. & Dec.

B.) Laps for the Chaps (Sept. 17):

1.) We get to make sure people don’t die, and best of all, we don’t have to run!

2.) Contact Doc for the special code so you don’t have to pay (the club covers the cost).

3.) Feel free to dress up (Star Trek outfits in honor of 50th Anniversary?)

C.) Other Upcoming Events?

1.) Steampunk Weekend in Lockport on Sept. 24 – 25

2.) Star Trek Convention in Rosemont—Lots of stars!  Go to for details.


IV.) Other Business:

A.) Time to Renew Memberships! For the low, low, price of $5, you too can receive astounding benefits!!!

B.) CosPlay Group Report: 2:30-4:30 PM on Wednesdays in room BIC 2818

C.) Advisor’s Report: Check out ChapLife

D.) CoDCON Update

E.) Vice President Election: Lisa Barkalow selected (Huzzah, Lisa!)

F.) Other News, Gossip, Rants, and Trailers


V.) After-Meeting Games: Space Flux and Car Wars


NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, Sept. 20, 3:00 – 4:30 PM, BIC 2710


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