Meeting Minutes from Sept. 20

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes: Sept. 20


I.) Welcome New Attendees!

II.) Previous Events:

     A.) Movies/TV?

     B.) Student Life Retreat (9/10): Useful information learned; food was meh

     C.) Food Truck Rally/5K Run (9/17): We definitely “swept up”!

      D.) Other Stuff?

 III.) Upcoming Events:

     A.) TV Premieres to Catch?

          1.) CW Shows (Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, etc.)

          2.) Gotham, season 3

          3.) Many others to catch!

     B.) Steampunk Weekend in Lockport (9/24/25): Free, though some activities have a fee

     C.) Conception 2016 (10/14 – 16)

          1.) Club members who help with set-up and tear down get in for free those days

          2.) Club members get in for ½ price

          3.) For details and to register, go to

     D.) Other Stuff?

 IV.) Other Stuff:

     A.) CosPlay Group Report

          1.) Tutorial on using spray paint (not actually used in class, of course!)

          2.) Anyone for custom stickers?

     B.) Advisor’s Report:

            1.) Homecoming is next week—FREE FOOD!

            2.) Saturday, Oct. 1: BUBBLE SOCCER!  LET’S FIELD A TEAM!!!

     C.) CODCON Update: Our theme is still In Time!

     D.) Social Media Update

          1.) Find us on Discord
2.) We now have an Instagram account!

     E.) Meeting Ideas

          1.) NINJA?
2.) Half and half. Business and pleasure. Business in the front and party in the back.

     F.) Rants, Gossip, and Trailers

          1.) Mafia III is coming
2.) New Gears of War trailer
3.) Lego Dimensions update! (Batman packs?)

               a.) Adventure Time
b.) Gremlins
c.) The A-Team
d.) Sonic the Hedgehog
e.) Harry Potter
f.) Mission Impossible

          4.) Animal Crossing update! Villagers can live in a trailer house and can be customized
5.) Kingdom Hearts E=MCSqared              

 V.) After-Meeting Games: Munchkin, House on the Hill




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