Meeting Minutes: March 21

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes

March 21, 2017


I.) Any New Faces?

      Phil (Word-of-mouth)


II.) Previous Events:

     A.) Movies/TV

          1.) Kong: Skull Island: Pretty good!

          2.) Beauty & the Beast: Polarizing?

          3.) Other?

               a.) ‘Iron Fist’… <sigh>

               b.) ‘Time after Time’: Remake of 80’s film—not impressed

     B.) AI Symposium: Alyssa did great, even if the robotics people pulled out at the last minute… 

     C.) Open House: Lots of interest, not many signatures

     D.) Other Stuff?: Mass Effect: Andromeda released



     A.) Volunteers Still Needed!

          1.) Registration Desk: Sat., 8 – 10 AM, 6 – 8 PM; Sun., 8 – 10 AM

          2.) Merchandise: Sat., 8 – 10 AM; Sun., 8 – 10 AM

          3.) Hospitality: Sun., 3 – 5 PM

     B.) Dice Attack!: Now In Two New & Exciting Colors! Green & Gold! $1 each!   

     C.) Publicity, Publicity, Publicity!!!: KEEP SPREADING THE WORD!!!!!

     D.) Other Details


          2.) Crew will be needed on Fri., 4/07 at 3 PM to help with set-up and 4/09 at 3 PM to help with tear-down.

          3.) Wed., 3/29—last date to submit events.


IV.) Other Stuff:

     A.) CosPlay Group Report

          1.) Wig tutorial tomorrow

          2.) Maid cafe for CODCON

     B.) Advisor’s Report

     C.) Club Excellence Program Status: Almost at Gold!

     D.) Rants, Gossip, and Trailers

          1.) Informal ACEN get-together in May?

          2.) Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover tonight!


V.) After-Meeting Games: Pandemic (Finally beat the game!)




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