Meeting Minutes for April 18

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes: April 18, 2017


I.) Any New Faces?

The only new face is our sad face, since no new members have attended today. : (


II.) Previous Events:

A.) Movies/TV:

          1.) Your Name: ?

          2.) Dr. Who returns!: Good but still Moffat. LGBT+ companion is nice.

          3.) Other: Agents of SHIELD = Amazing, but SPOILERY as all hell

B.) CODCON XXII “Post Mortem”

          1.) How we did

a.) Spend $1,300 less + make $1,000 less = NET GAIN OF $300 MORE THAN LAST YEAR

b.) Attendance: Broke another record—over 450 guests, GMs, Vendors, Artists, & Staff

          2.) Ideas for CODCON XXIII

a.) More Maid Cafe hours?

b.) Better luck next time… literally (illnesses, accidents, etc.)?

c.) CCG tournaments?

d.) Escape room?

e.) More time and effort dedicated to Smash tournament?

f.) Better organization of VG room events? (ScreenCheat?)

g.) Cheaper/better food vendor? Food trucks?

h.) Rethink/re-strategize the Hospitality role

C.) Other?


III.) Upcoming Events:

      A.) Guardians of the Galaxy 2: TELL DOC ASAP IF YOU WANT TICKETS!

1.) Thursday, May 4: 8:35 PM

2.) Friday, May 5: 5:20 PM

     B.) Bristol Ren Faire Tickets—NOW ON SALE! CONTACT DOC!

1.) $10 for Club Members, $15 for non-members

2.) Good for the entire season!

3.) The club will sponsor a Ren Faire Outing, probably in late July (details TBA)

     C.) Nominations for 2017 – 2018 Club Officers

1.) Current Nominations:

a.) President: Brody / Riley / ?

b.) Veep: TJ / ?

c.) Secretary: ? / Brody, if he doesnt win President

d.) Officer @ Large: TJ / Danielle / ?

e.) Social Media: Joel / ?

2.) Nominations remain open until Wednesday, April 26.

3.) Absentee Voting runs April 27 – May 1 (only full members can vote absentee)

     D.) Other?


2.) Summer meetings will be in BIC 1429 (currently BIC 1636); watch for further details

IV.) Other Stuff:

A.) Brody’s Birthday! (22 !)

B.) CosPlay Group report: None

C.) Advisor’s Report: Volunteered the club to be “Sweepers” at the Food Truck Rally & 5K Run in late September. May be abler to register soon.

D.) Rants, Gossip, and Trailers: Many Honest trailers, but no rants…

V.) After-Meeting Games: Sentinels of the Multiverse, & others…



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