Final Summer Meeting: Aug. 1

Our last meeting of the Summer will be on Tuesday, August 1 from 3:00 – 4:30 PM in BIC 1429. On the agenda:

I.) Any New Members?

II.) Previous Events:

A.) Movies/TV:

1.) War for Planet of Apes

2.) Valerian

3.) Thirteenth Dr. Who

4.) Game of Thrones

5.) Other?

B.) Laser Quest

C.) Ren Faire Outing

D.) Harry Potter Events

E.) Other Stuff?

III.) Upcoming Events:

A.) Cons

1.) Gen Con

2.) Wizard World ComicCon

B.) Riff Traks-The Five Doctors

C.) Student Life Activity Faire

D.) Food Truck Rally

E.) Gamer Conclave

F.) Other Stuff?

IV.) Other Business

A.) CosPlay Report

B.) Advisor’s Report

C.) Inter-Club Collaborations

D.) Gossip, Rants, & Trailers

V.) After-Meeting Games: TBA


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