Meeting Minutes for Feb. 6, 2018

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes

Feb. 6, 2018

I.) Welcome New Faces!

A.)Emily – professor

B.) Wesley – activity fair

C.) Kay

D.) Caige – Video game room

II.) Old Business:

A.) Laser Quest (1/13): About 20 players, current & alumni; generally a good time

 B.) Spring Activities Fair (1/24): Pretty busy; brought us 4 new people!

C.) Polar Vortex (1/26 – 1/28): Hosted around 350 people in one room!

D.) Random Game Day (1/30): good turnout (about 30+ people)

III.) New Business:

A.) February Sponsored Movie: Black Panther

1.) Thurs, Feb. 15: 8 pm show,

2.) Fri, Feb 16: 5:10 pm show,

3.) Show up at least 30 minutes early or lose your ticket

B.) Outings for Spring Semester: Arcade Gaming Day–pixel blast, galloping ghosts?

C.) Reports

1.) CosPlay Group: Meeting tomorrow, discord more active now

2.) Advisor: Capricon sci-fi convention in late Feb.


A.) Pre-Registration: Now open—sign up now and tell your friends!

B.) Events: Many coming in, but need more—consider submitting one soon!

C.) Merchandise: Dice ordered; should be in before Spring Break

D.) Publicity: Start spreading the word on social media!!!!

V.) Random Rants, Reviews, and Gossip:

A.) Movies, trends, and gossip

1.) Last Jedi—discuss later when we have more time

2.) Dr. Who Christmas Special: Waiting for the new doctor, very exciting.

3.) CW-Verse: Many insights from Riley

4.) What Should We be Watching?

a.) Devilman Crybaby

b.) The Tick coming back

c.) Ash Vs Evil coming back

d.) New Cloverfield Movie

e.) Philip K. Dick short story anthology on Amazon Prime

B.) Gaming

1.) Mario movie being made by Minions studio

2.) Adding Donkey Kong to Mario and Rabbids

3.) Subnautica out of early access

4.) Dark Souls remastered coming to every consoles

5.) Nintendo Labo

6.) The World Ends with You Remastered

7.) New Stellaris Expantion

C.) Other Stuff

1.) New Space X spaceship went successful

2.) Dinner and a Game – Possible Thursday night to play test a game with includes food.  Volunteers needed.

VI.) After-Business Gaming: Munchkin, Sentinels, etc.


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