Meeting Minutes for March 20

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2018


I.) New Faces?

Kourtney – works with Brody


II.) Old Business: None


III.) New/Upcoming Business/Events:

A.) Pacific Rim II (3/22 & 23): Who’s Going?

1.) Only 8 people going total

2.) Riley handling the Friday tickets; Thursday tickets TBA

B.) Galloping Ghost Outing (3/24): Organizing Details

1.) Bring $20 and be reimbursed

2.) Be outside by Bird statue at 11:30 AM if you need a ride

C.) Avengers: Infinity War (4/26 & 27)—Sponsored Movie

1.) Watch Facebook and E-mails for times

2.) Club will by block of tickets; once gone, they’re gone!

D.) Reports:

1.) CosPlay Group: going to make cat ears for the bake sale, more work on maid cafe

2.) Advisor: no end of the year party for sci-fi club due to avengers



A.) Updates

1.) We have dice!  $1 each!

2.) We still need more events!


1.) Please help us fill in the gaps!

2.) Can’t do this without you!


D.) Other


V.) Other Stuff/Rants

A.) A lot of speculation regarding Infinity Wars—who’s gonna die?

B.) How would Disney handle Carnage & Deadpool?


VI.) After-Business Gaming:



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