Meeting Minutes for April 17, 2018

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes for April 17, 2018


I.) Any New Faces?

Nick – Friend of Phillip L.

Jose – Saw us at Student Life Fair


II.) Old Business:

A.) CODCON XXIII Post-Mortem

1.) Attendance down (around 400-ish), as were profits (about $1,600)

2.) What went well: Pizza, Maid Café, Sat. Video Games

3.) What Needs Work: Reg Desk not prepared, Silent Auction needs work, Weather & Main Doors

4.) Things to Do Differently:

a.) Move up Pre-reg deadline to give more time to prepare badges

b.) Schedule more exciting stuff for Sunday

c.) Try to get ability to accept electronic payments

B.) Open House (4/12): Went okay—hopefully spread the word on club & CODCON
C.) C2E2: Not as much CosPlay, apparently


III.) New Business:

A.) Tickets for Avengers shows (4/26 & 27): Only 2 left for Friday, 7 left for Thursday; contact Doc ASAP if you want what’s left!
B.) Student Life Celebration (4/26): May have missed deadline for RSVP! (Same day as Thursday showing of Infinity Wars)

C.) May Sponsored Movie: Deadpool 2

1.) Watch Facebook & E-mail for showtimes

2.) Comes out same day as ACEN (& Graduation)

D.) Ren Faire Tickets: Doc still has about 40 available; contact him if you want one
E.) CosPlay Report: None
F.) Advisor Report

1.) We now have a new club locker big enough to hold CODCON leftover stuff!

2.) Nerdy & Dirty Sketch Show at Center Stage Theater (Naperville) Apr. 26 – 28

G.) Nominations for 2018 – 2019 Officers

1.) President: Joel, Riley

2.) VP: Riley, Joel, Brody

3.) Secretary: Torree

4.) Officer at Large: Danielle, Brody

5.) Social Media Director: Joel

6.) Nominations remain open until 4/26; contact Doc to nominate yourself/someone else

7.) Must be an enrolled student for Fall & Spring and must have minimum 2.0 GPA

IV.) Other Business:

A.) Rants and Reviews: None (too late)
B.) News and Gossip: New animated Suicide Squad video released

V.) After-Meeting Gaming: TBA




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