Club Meeting Minutes for Sept. 4

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes

Sept. 4, 2018


I.) Welcome Newcomers!

A.) Officer Introductions

B.) Club Overview

II.) Old Business:

A.) Student Life Fair (9/29)

a.) 12 new members from SLF!

b.) No one was brought in by the plushies  : (

B.) Other?

III.) New Business:

A.)  Membership renewals:  See Doc at end of meeting

B.)  Conception 2018 (Oct. 5 – 7):

1.) Discount for Sci-Fi club members

2.) More details to come

C.) Reports:

1.) CosPlay Group

a.)  Meeting tomorrow BIC 1425 @2:30

b.) Possible group cosplay for Con Alt Delete

c.) Bring bribe money!

2.) Advisor

a.) Food Truck Rally (Sat., Oct. 13, 3 – 6 PM)

(1) Need volunteers for “Sweepers” team—contact Doc for details

(2) Costume Contest–$100 Visa gift card!

b.) Go to Chap Life!


1.)  Con of Ice and Fire

2.)  We’ll need volunteers

3.)   Spread the Word! (Get in contact with High School Clubs, College Clubs, Game Stores, Social Media, etc.)

D.) Other? NONE!

IV.) News, Gossip, Rants

A.) Movies?

B.) TV?

1.)  Adventure Time Finale – All the feels!

2.) Dr. Who returns Oct 7!

C.) Comics/Books?

D.) Video Gaming?

1.) Spider-Man PS4 – Friday – 9/10

2.) Cyber Punk 2077 Demo

3.) Battlefield Armada 2

E.) Other Stuff?

1.) Critical Roll – Thursdays

2.) Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 60

3.) Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 60

4.) Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 60

5.) Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 60

 V.) After-Meeting Gaming: Munchkin Steampunk and many, many other games!


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