Meeting Minutes for Sept. 18

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes

Sept. 18, 2018


I.) Welcome New Faces!

A).Introductions: There are humans. A lot of people like fire.

B).Ice breaker: Favorite TV crossover.

II.) Old Business: None

III.) New/Continuing Business:

A.) October Sponsored Movie?

1.) Goosebumps 2

2.) Venom

a.) Thursday 10/04: 6:00 pm

b.) Friday 10/05:  5:00pm

B.) Con/Alt/Delete Tickets

1.) Good for full weekend (Dec. 14 – 16)

2., Full Club Members: $20; non-club members: $25

3.) Register online at

C.) Conception Gamer Conclave (Oct. 5 – 7)

D.) Food Truck Rally & 5K (Oct. 13, 3 – 6 PM):

1.) Need volunteers, club will pay

2.) To volunteer, go to

a.) Team Name is “COD Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club and CosPlay Group”

b.) Use password: SF2018

E.) Chap-a-Palooza (Thurs, 10/26, 11 AM – 1 PM, SSC Atrium)

1.) Clubs only

2.) 3-4 tables requested, tv’s, Video games, Card Games, 11-1

F.) Halloween Game Day (Tuesday, 10/30, 2 – 8 PM, BIC 2465)

1.) We’ll have snacks & more

2.) Bring your own games (preferably horror- themed).

IV.) Reports

A.) CosPlay Group

1.) Group Cosplay: Pokemon

2.) Surveys

3.) For Sept. 19 meeting: First in class work session (next meeting), Much supplies. Board Games, Character design session

B.) Advisor: See above


1.) Fliers (New Font) Available

2.) Looking for places to advertise (game stores, cons, school groups, etc.)

D.)  Other?

V.) News, Gossip, Rants, & Trailers:

A.) Trailers for Captain Marvel, etc.

b.) Dr. Who returns Sunday, Oct. 7!

c.) Cavel out as Superman—Affleck to Follow?

VI.) After-Business Gaming: Car Wars, Once Upon a Time, various video games


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