Meeting Minutes for Nov. 6

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes: Nov. 6, 2018

 I.) Welcome New Faces!

  • Jacob
  • Sohrab
  • Theodore
  • Brandon

II.Old Business:

A.) Conception 2018 (10/05 – 07)

1.) More publicity needed.

2.) Attendance affected by competing con, other issues

B.) Food Truck Rally & 5K (10/13)

1.) Rally went well.

2.) Costume contest was rigged L

C.) Club-a-Poloosa (10/25): Overall successful.

D.) Halloween Game Day (10/30): Went really well and everyone had fun!

E.) Other: Lost Best Decorated Halloween Door (also must have been rigged!)  ; )


III.) New Business:

A.) Role Play Game Day (11/08): 2 – 7 PM, BIC 2465: bring gaming materials!

B.) November Sponsored Movies

1.) Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald

a.) Thursday 11/15: 6pm
b.) Friday 11/16: 4:45pm (reserved/assigned seating)

2.) Wreck it Ralph: Ralph Wrecks the Internet (11/20 – 21): Will send out movie dates and times soon

C.) Stuffed COWS Game Day: Black Friday Weekend (11/23-11/25) SRC 2000


2.) Uber-Epic Munchkin Tournament on Sat. 11/24

3.) Will have a Video Game Room—BRING CONSOLES AND GAMES TO PLAY!.
4.) Pay for RPG; all other games play for FREE!

D.) Reports

1.) CosPlay Club (BIC 1425): Tomorrow will be continuing part 2 for makeup tutorial. Will continue into special effects makeup.
2.) Advisor

a.) Next Semester Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club Meetings will be in BIC 1437; Cosplay will be in BIC 2465
b.) Sci-Fi class offered next semester: English 1156 Tues./Thurs. 11am-12:15pm.  PLEASE REGISTER!!!


a.) Dice Chosen
b.) Publicity Needed!

E.) Other?

IV.) News, Gossip, Rants, & Trailers

A.) Reviews:

1.) Venom: Good, loved it!

2.) Dr. Who: Overall, folks like the direction that the show is going in.

3.) Arrowverse: Riley thinks Legends is the best…that’s all that matters.

4.) Others?

a.) Halloween

b.) Red Dead Redemption 2

c.) Assassin’s Creed: Odyseey

d.) Soul Caliber 6

B.) News & Gossip

C.) Trailers?

1.) Smash trailers

2.) Ashe trailer

3.) Soul Caliber 6 2b trailer

D.) Other?

V.) After-Business Gaming: Various

 NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, Nov. 20, 3 – 6 PM, BIC 2465


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