Club Meeting Minutes for April 16, 2019

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes for April 16, 2019

I.) Welcome, New Faces!: Jorge (Daggers High)

II.) Old Business:

A.) D&D day (4/04): Two campaigns started up, people had fun. More D&D days wanted.

B.) 2K Tournament Event (4/10): Not enough people, scattered equipment = weird/unsuccessful

C.) CODCON (4/12 – 14): Despite the snow, overall quite successful!

D.) Other?

1.) Star Wars Celebration—no report

III.) New/Upcoming Business:

A.) D&D Day (4/18, 2 – 6 PM, BIC 1429)

B.) Avengers: Endgame

1.) Thursday, 4/25, 8:00 PM – See Riley for tickets.  Arrive by 7 PM

2.) Friday, 4/26, 5:20 PM – See Doc for tickets.  Arrive by 5 PM

C.) Game Day (Tuesday 4/30, 2 – 7 PM, SSC 3245): Need folks to attend and run games!

D.) May Movie to Sponsor: Detective Pikachu (5/10)—show times to follow

E.) Nominations for 2019 – 2020 Officers

1.) President: Riley, Leo

2.) Vice President: Blue, Zal

3.) Secretary: Leo

4.) Officer at Large: Danielle

5.) Social Media Director: Blue, Danielle

F.) Reports:

1.) CosPlay: “We Survived Maid Café” Party on 4/17

2.) Advisor: Nothing

 IV.) Reviews, News, and Trailers

A.) Reviews

1.) Shazam-Overall, a good movie

2.) Game of Thrones-Good transitional episode

3.) Others?

B.) News

            1.) Overwatch Archives Event
C.) Trailers

            1.) Star Wars: Episode IX

            2.) Star Wars: The Clone Wars

            3.) The Mandolorian

            4.) Jedi Fallen Order

5.) Joker

V.) After-Meeting Gaming: Daggers High, etc.


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