Meeting Minutes for June 4

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes

June 3, 2019


I.) New Faces?  None 

II) Old Business:

A.) ACEN: No report

B.) Club Anniversary Party: Not as well attended as we hoped, but was still fun

C.) Other?

III.) New Business:

A.) June and July Movies:

1.) Dark Phoenix (June 6 & 7)

          a.) Thursday: 7 PM

          b.) Friday: 2:25 PM? (Checking later for updated times)

2.) Spider-Man: Far from Home (July 1 & 2): Showtime’s TBA

B.) Summer Events:

1.) Laser Tag (Sat., July 13, 12 – 3 PM)

2.) Ren Faire Outing (Sat., July 27, 9 AM – ?)

3.) Other ideas?

C.) Other Business?

IV.) News and Views

A.) Movie Reviews:

1.) Detective Pikachu: Adorable and Highly Regarded

2.) Brightburn

          a.) 6.5/10 (Alright); Evil Superman (too rushed)

3.) Aladdin: Danielle thought it was good

4.) Godzilla

          a.) Amazing—met expectations (lots of monster fights)

          b.) Too long 6/10

5.) Others?

B.) TV: What should we be watching now, and why?

          Swamp Thing

          Good Omens

C.) News and Trailers

          1.) Sonic pushed back to 2020

2.) The Tick canceled

3.) Robert Pattinson will be Batman

4.) Spongebob spinoff Kamp Koral

5.) Trailers:

a.) Jurassic World Cretaceous

b.) Joker

c.) Terminator: Dark Fate

V.) After-Meeting Gaming: Batman FLUXX, Smash Bros.?



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