Meeting Minute for Oct. 1

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes for Oct. 1, 2019

 I.) Welcome, New Folk!

  • Rachael
  • Vivian

II.) Old Business:

A.) First D&D Day (9/19): Went Well (15+ players)

B.) Con/Alt/Delete Ticket Deadline (9/27): Extended to Oct 1.

C.) News We Missed from Last Meeting: None

D.) Other?

III.) New Business:

A.) Food Truck Rally & 5K—Sweepers Needed! (10/05): Still need Volunteers!

B.) Showtimes for Sponsored Movies

1.) Zombieland Double Tap

a.) Thursday 10/17 7:00PM

b.) Friday 10/18 5:10PM

2.) Nothing Yet on Addams Family—Stay Tuned!

C.) Smash Bros. E-Sports: Thursdays, SSC 1225, 2- 4 PM (starting 10/10)

D.) Upcoming Events:

1.) Next D&D Day (10/17, BIC 2423, 2 – 6 PM)

2.) Club-a-Polooza (10/23, SSC Atrium)

3.) Halloween Game Day (10/29, SSC 3245, 2 – 7 PM): Need games & Players!

E.) Reports:

1.) CosPlay Club

2.) Advisor:

a.) Please add your name to the ChapLife Roster (go to

b.) Are we up for doing a Popcorn Wednesday?

F.) Anything Else?


IV.) Upcoming News & Reviews

A.) News

1.) Call of Duty Mobile released

2.) Spiderman back in in MCU (1 – 2 movies)

3.) Final Season of Bojack Horseman

4.) Stranger Things 4 trailer dropped

5.) Untitled Goose Game: be an annoying $#%&!

6.) I Am Bread Publishers developing Sci-fi Portal-like Game

7.) Link’s Awakening on Switch

8.) Sword and Shield to have 18 Gyms

9.) Mortal Kombat Terminator dlc

10.) Dragon Quest 11

11.) Tom Clancy Ghost Recon

12.) Lego Jurassic World on Switch

13.) Classic Ghostbusters Game (from ’09) Remake

14.) Magic Expansion coming out Throne of Eldraine

15.) New Pokemon

16.) Duel Masters app card game

17.) A Producer of Rick and Morty died

18.) Batwoman premieres Sunday, Oct. 6

19.) Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths coming later this year

20.) New Birds of Prey trailer

B.) Reviews:

1.) Ad Astra: Pretty Good

2.) Anything Else?

V.) Gaming!



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