Meeting Minutes for Nov. 19

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes for Nov. 19, 2019


I.) Welcome New Faces?: None : (

II.) Old Business: None

III.) New Business:

A.) Star Wars IX Tickets (12/19 & 20): Still some left for each show!  Contact Doc ASAP!

B.) Smashing Hunger Tourney (11/21):

1.) For charity (Fuel Pantry)

2.) Extra set-ups (Switches) would be greatly appreciated

C.) Final D&D Day of Fall 19 (11/21): will be going to bi-weekly in Spring!

D.) Stuffed COWS (11/29 – 12/01, Sheridan Naperville):

1.) For details, go to

2.) Almost all rpgs; no video games, limited board or card games

E.) Christmas Charity: Participating in college toy drive

F.) Reports:

1.) CosPlay: Working on Group CosPlay (Steampunk) for CAD

2.) Advisor: Still need students for ENGLI 1156 (Science Fiction)!

IV.) News & Reviews:

  • Movie/TV/Video Game Reviews?
    1. SpongeBob Movie Trailer
    2. Jedi Fallen Order
    3. Joker made $1B
  • News?
    1. Sonic redesign
    2. Scooby Doo

V.) Gaming! (Car Wars, Video Games, etc.)


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