Meeting Minutes for Jan. 21, 2020

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes for Jan. 21, 2020


I.) Any New Faces?

  • Faiza – Student Life
  • Arnold – Saw last semester

II.) Old Business:

A.) Con/Alt/Delete (12/14 – 16): Very fun, needed more variety.

B.) Polar Vortex (1/17 – 19): Looked good. 400 attended. Some COD CON people were there.

III.) New Business:

A.) Winter Laser Quest (01/25, 12:30 – 3:00 PM): STILL NEED PLAYERS (or may have to cancel)

B.) Sponsored Movies for February:

1.) Birds of Prey (02/07): Showtimes TBA

2.) Sonic the Hedgehog (02/14): Thursday 7:35, Friday 4:40

C.) D&D Days (Start 01/30—every other week; SSC 3245, 2 – 6 PM)

D.) Smash Bros Tourneys (Start 02/20–3rd Thursday of every month; SSC 3245, 2 – 6 PM)

E.) Student Life Activities Fair (02/12, 10 AM – 1 PM, SSC Atrium)

F.) Possible Galloping Ghost Outing on March 7: Time TBA.  Carpooling encouraged

G.) Other New Business?


A.) Updates

1.) Artist & Author Alleys are fully booked!

2.) Dice are in!

3.) Website being updated; pre-reg is available

4.) Other


1.) Events: some coming in, but need more

2.) Publicity: SPREAD THE WORD—especially through social media

3.) Volunteers: We’ll need all hands on deck SOON!

V.) News & Reviews

A.) Reviews:

1.) Star Wars IX: Not the best, but enjoyable

2.) Jumanji 2: Overall good

3.) Crisis in Arrowverse: Pretty good, Riley loves it

4.) Mandalorian: Amazing, best Disney Star Wars, Baby Yoda

5.) Witcher: Really Amazing, not comparable to GoT, the song is cool

6.) Return of Dr. Who: Good

B.) News:

1.) Movie News

2.) TV News

            a.) Legends of Tomorrow tonight

            b.) Picard Thursday

c.) Bojack Horseman season 6 part 2

3.) Gaming News

            a.) Joker in Mortal Kombat

            b.) Byleth DLC for Smash

            c.) Wizards of the Coast Critical Role Game Manual

            d.) New Captain game

            e.) Last of Us Part II

            f.) Doom Trailer

            g.) GameStop ran out of Persona 5 Royale

4.) Other?

VI.) After-Meeting Gaming


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