Club Meeting Minutes for Feb. 18

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes for Feb. 18, 2020


I.) Welcome New Faces!


II.) Old Business:

A.) Activities Fair (02/12)

1.) No TV

2.) Not as many people signed up as in Fall

B.) Laser Quest (02/15): Cancelled, but rescheduled for the last time

C.) Other?

III.) New Business:

A.) First Smash Bros. Tourney (02/20, SSC 3245, 2 – 6 PM)

1.) Competitive play and free play

2.) $10 to enter tourney (half goes to club)

B.) March Sponsored Movie: Onward (03/06)—watch for showtimes

C.) Galloping Ghost Outing (03/07; 12 – 4 PM)

1.) Club will pay half the admissions fee

2.) Carpooling recommended (not much parking space)

D.) Reports:

1.) Anime & CosPlay: Nothing to report

2.) Advisor: Nothing as well

B.) Laser Quest Final Mission (02/15, 12:15 – 3:00 PM)

1.) Bring friend or family

2.) Bring at least $20

E.) Officer at Large Election: Nick Roberts won


A.) Updates

1.) Pizza guy has submitted paperwork for food waiver

2.) Mailing to area colleges and high schools is out


1.) PLEASE Help PLEASE!!!!

2.) We might pay other people to work at con

C.) Other: ads–Spread in MAC and around campus


V.) Reviews and Upcoming News

A.) Birds of Prey

1.) Love it

2.) Black mask is creepy which made him awesome

3.) Harley Quinn is awesome

B.) Sonic

1.) Love it; Carrey born to play role

2.) Eggman was funny

3.) Original design was good (joking!)

C.) Other?

1.) Metro sequel

2.) Epic game store giving out game every 2 week

3.) Fire emblems 3 dlc

D.) News

1.) Avenger video game came out with new game play (Rated M?)

2.) Terminator resistance is really good

3.) Puling pokemon back

4.) Dragon ball z abridged cancel

5.) Phoenix wone Best Actor Oscar for Joker

6.) Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 7–this Friday with 4 episode start

VI.) Gaming



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