Meeting Minutes for Nov. 16

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes for Nov 16, 2021

I.)    Welcome New Faces!




II.)    Old Business

  1. Reviews of Eternals (NO SPOILERS!!!)

1.) Good movie (pacing, visuals, etc.)

2.) Good representation (racial, gender, etc.)

  • D&D Days (Nov. 9); Went pretty well, though only one table running

C.    Other?

III.)    New Business

A.    Smashing Hunger Video Game Day (Nov. 30)

1.) Need volunteers to be at SSC 3245 at 1:30 PM to set up

2.) Could still use more volunteers (games, consoles, etc.)

B.    December Sponsored Movie: Spider Man: No Way Home (12/17); watch for show time announcements

C.    CODCON XXV Updates

1.) Board Game GMs confirmed!

2.) We now have flyers—start spreading the word!

D.    Advisor’s Report: PLEASE Sign up for ENGLI 1156 (Science Fiction Lit)!!!

IV.)    News and Reviews

A.    New Trailers Dropped for

1.    Stranger Things Season 4

2.    Book of Boba Fett

3.    Others?

B.    Upcoming Cons?



               Anime Midwest

               Flashback Weekend

               Polar Vortex (Jan 22-24. 2022)

C.    Other News/Reviews?

               Halo Infinite Multiplayer is out

               GTA definitive edition came out and it was a poor remaster

               New Marvel shows

               New Halo Show

               Star Trek Discovery season 4

               League of Legends Arcane

V.)    After-Business Gaming: Munchkin


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