Meeting Minutes for Feb. 19

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club

Meeting Minutes for Feb. 19, 2019

 I.) Greetings to New Attendees!

  • Jake
  • Mike
  • Sofia
  • Jacque
  • Aftab

II.) Old Business:

A.) Winter Laser Quest (2/09): Had fun 2 weeks ago

B.) Student Life Activities Fair (2/13): Overall good, but we needed more at our table

C.) Other? No

III.) New Business:

A.) March Sponsored Movie: Captain Marvel

1.) Thurs., March 7th @7:40pm

2.) Friday, March 8th @4:30pm

B.) D&D Days: Watch for e-mails on possible dates

C.) Reports:

1.) CosPlay Club: Head of Hospitality will be speaking

2.) Advisor (submitted after the meeting):

a.) We’ll need volunteers for the Open House on March 7 from 5:30 – 8:00 PM

b.) Pulsara Project?

c.) Fall scholarship applications now being accepted; go to .

D.) Other?


A.)  Events

1.) Icon Gaming coming in with Nintendo Switch game consoles in Atrium

2.) Microsoft will be coming in running Overwatch and Legends

3.) Other events being posted but could still use more!

B.)  Publicity

1.) Snapchat filter


C.)  Volunteering

1.) Sign-up sheets will be available at the next meeting. If you volunteer, you get the rest of the day free.

             2.) Sign-in Sheets will also be posted through e-mail

V.) News and Views

A.) Movie/TV Reviews

1.) Lego Movie II: Overall a good movie that ends with a good message

2.) How to Train Your Dragon: Good from what we can tell

3.) Star Trek: Discovery: This season is better than last season

4.) Overwatch League Return

5.) Alita Battle Angel: Any reviews?

6.) Other?

B.) News?

            1.) Marvel Netflix completely Cancelled

            2.) Godzilla Trailer

VI.) After-Meeting Games: TBA



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